Testimonial for Licensed Acupuncturist Robert Robles:

By Karen Lucas Breda PhD, RN


One morning I noticed myself limping down the stairs. The swelling in my right knee had gotten so bad that I could no longer bend it properly. My chiropractor had been treating my hip for over a year and I was also having massage from an expert massage therapist every three weeks. Things were not getting better. Was I looking at hip surgery? As a registered nurse I knew too well the possible side effects of surgery and I did not want surgery if I could help it.


I was hoping for the best when I entered Mr. Robles’ community acupuncture office for the first time in January five years ago. My chiropractor and my massage therapist had recommended him, so I knew I would be in good hands.


The room was warm and cozy and I was surprised at how comfortable everyone looked in the community acupuncture setting. I liked the fact that it was so easy and affordable. No disrobing and no big bill out of pocket each time I went. Within the first several treatments, I began to have less swelling in my knee until finally my knee was normal again. My hip improved after the knee resolved and I could not believe my new found range of motion. This was a painless range of motion! I would not have believed the scenario if someone else had told me about it. As a nursing professor, I critique all new methods and read the research thoroughly. I already knew a lot about the good effects of acupuncture. With Mr. Robles’ community acupuncture I was able to go more often and I found amazing results.


Did I mention that Mr. Robles made me feel good about myself as a person? I laughed myself silly each time I went and learned a lot about how acupuncture actually works. He is professional and extremely skilled. The best around, I say. Because there are so few negative side effects to acupuncture (some would say no side effects), it is definitely worth a try even for the skeptics. Try it, you’ll like it, and your body and mind will thank you for it!


Professor Karen Lucas Breda PhD, RN is an Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut. She has been a practicing registered nurse for over 30 years and teaches a course on alternative and complementary healing modalities.