The name "Community Acupuncture of Bristol" was conceived in early 2012 when a serious injury caused the closure of my original practice.  I had been in practice for more than 11 years and in the same office space for the previous 8 years. I did not know when I would return to practicing full-time, but a small office was available to me in Bristol and I wanted to continue with a group treatment community clinic despite the small office. 
I have been in the Bristol office since May of 2012.

In June of 2013 I was presented an opportunity to join in the development of a wellness clinic with many other practitioners upstairs from a busy and dynamic yoga studio (Bloom Yoga Fitness). 
I began practicing in Southington in August of 2013.

I primarily treat patients who have chronic (usually pain) conditions and who have not been satisfactorily treated with other interventions.  My approach is somewhat unusual in that needles are inserted (usually) in arms and legs but not in the areas that are painful or problematic. 
I am currently studying Chinese herbal medicine and hope to integrate this ancient tradition into my practice in the coming months. 

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